Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back from Sumatra Feast with The Burke Museum, UW Scholars, and Special Guest Mark Pendergrast. April 9th.

Caffe Vita and One Pot just got back from yet another coffee sourcing adventure - returning from the once-treacherously-violent Gayo Mountains of Northern Sumatra. To celebrate and further investigate the culture and the coffee of this region we are hosting a remarkable feast with several scholars from the University of Washington, the curators of the Burke Museum "The World in Your Cup" exhibit, and famed author Mark Pendergrast author of Uncommon Grounds.

We will be showing our video footage of the grueling journey and resplendent coffee harvest, cupping many coffees of the Gayo region (and the notorious Kopi Luwak), eating the food from those lush mountain villages, and embarking on a conversation with Pendergrast and professors Max Savishinsky and Joshua Tewksbury. And enjoying chocolate from our inspired collaborators Theo Chocolate.

FARM DIRECT. This is a continuation of our Farm Direct program to source the best coffees directly from the best farms around the globe. Vita has made the commitment to not only purchase coffee from exemplary farmers, but to go further and investigate deeply into the cultures that produce these glorious coffees - and to openly share our findings with our community. Coffee is culture.

"Few coffee drinkers suspect that they are affecting American foreign policy, the domestic policies of Latin-American and African countries, and the habitat of migratory birds. Pendergrast shows how and why they are. He has taken on a huge subject, but he organizes the facts skillfully and puts personalities in the perspective of their times. This encyclopedic volume is the entertaining result." --New Yorker on Uncommon Grounds. Mark Pendergrast.

Only four seats left for this dinner - $50/person - email onepotorg@gmail asap to grab them...

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