Monday, November 24, 2008

Packing our bags for Sumatra.

From our collaborator One Pot:

on sunday night caffe vita and i head off over the horizon for the fourth part in our global mini series whereby we cook with, feast with, and delve into the (sometimes dark) realities of coffee production with coffee farmers around the world. this episode has us headed to the jungles of sumatra - and up tangled roads into the aceh region which became a household name during the 2004 tsunami. when we return expect a series of dinners where we will be sharing what we learned. one such dinner is happening on april 9th in collaboration with the burke museum and UW - i will be in conversation with professor max savishinsky and archeologist peter lape about life after the tsunami, guerilla warfare, corporate responsibility, and (as it turns out) coffee. details tba - stay tuned.

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